Project 44: Day 28 working from home

Now, not only am I working out from home, as of yesterday I am also working from home… I am spending an awful lot of time at home! This is not a surprise however, we are on more or less lockdown after all!

It does mean that I suddenly have far fewer opportunities to walk around in the normal work day, no more wandering over to different parts of the company now! So I have had to find new and inventive ways to keep myself active…

Of course I am still going to go to shed gym, but I need to do other stuff too!

The government is allowing us outside to do one form of exercise a day. By which I assume it means out in public, I don;t think it is going to mind me going out in my garden more than once, there is no one else there after all… I fully intend to take advantage of this while it is are still allowed. The public bit I mean…no one is banning my garden

Yesterday’s government sanctioned walk…

I am also taking advantage of my garden, I am walking around in it every time I go to make coffee…that means I get a little bit of a leg stretch now and again 😉


Me in my garden

The other things I intend to do while I am trapped here are:

Yoga… there are loads of 5 – 10 minute yoga practices on the Yoga with Adriene Site, and I can get up and do one of those while my computer is updating things…it seems to take this long to do things remotely so I may as well be productive.

I know…I am not in a classroom, but it worked…

the last thing I am doing is the 30 day bodyweight workout challenges, they are not hard, but do work as a way to remind myself to get up and do something even if it is for 2 minutes!

all done with appropriate supervision…

The other thing that happens a lot, as you can probably see from the photo above, is that cats are fascinated by me working from home. I think they assume it is their duty to supervise me!


Project 44 day 28 complete (with cats)

4 thoughts on “Project 44: Day 28 working from home

  1. I hope those cats are on the payroll and have the appropriate titles.

    We’re far enough from any sort supervision that we could walk every hour on the half hour and no one would know the difference. Which does make me feel like I’m getting away with something.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The cats are the senior board members!!
      I will be sending their invoices to work forthwith!!

      Tbh I suspect I could walk more often too, we have plenty of unsupervised open spaces…
      Sadly however, being able to work from home means I have to actually do work…
      It is lucky really though 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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