Project 44: Day 29 and 30 – this is still wierd…I did circuits in the shed!

Working from home is still wierd, and definitely makes it much harder to get general movement in during the day!

yesterday, however I managed to add stuff in pretty well…

I did one 5 min yoga session on each day they were short but it was really useful, I am considering doing these when I get back to the office…even if i do get some odd looks!!

I managed to get out for my government sanctioned walks because it seems important now, more than ever to get away from the house for a bit (to somewhere with no other people obviously)

I also did one kettlebell leg-day shed gym session with Mark which turned out to be pretty effective 🙂 We used the exercise cards I got the other day but mostly selected leg exercises this time, then I threw in some other variations that I know about…just for fun!


But I have to say, the wierdest thing I have done so far in this lockdown situation was attend a circuits class run by Matt, in my own shed, on my own! It was run via zoom which is a video conferencing app and, although wierd, it worked really well! There were 5 people there all working on their own but all able to interact and see each other! It was extremely surreal…and hard because Matt decided it would be a good idea to put lunges in…


So, that is lockdown so far…

that and lots of wierdness where I worry, then become convinced that everyone I know now only exists as digital constructs inside a computer generated simulation! I am not sure this lockdown / isolation thing is good for me! It is definitely a good thing that I do not live alone!!



4 thoughts on “Project 44: Day 29 and 30 – this is still wierd…I did circuits in the shed!

      1. I’m as real as I always was.
        And, in keeping it real, I shall say that you have spelled “weird” incorrectly throughout that post. To see errors from you truly is weird.
        I have great difficulty spelling the words “exercise” and “weapon”. They seldom get placed on the page in their correct form.

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      2. Hahaha, I am not surprised I got that wrong…at least I am consistently wrong 😂
        There are some words that just don’t stick!! “Definitely” is one I often get wrong… and “hazardous”
        If either of us had to write about an “exercise with weapons that is definitely hazardous” we’d be in trouble!!
        😁 I suspect you are as real as I am which is reassuring (for me at least)

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