Project 44: Day 31-34 necessity is the mother of all invention…

I apparently haven’t updated everyone on all the excitement around here since thursday, so here is everything I have been up to since then…

Well everything exercise related anyway, I suspect even with the increase in time people seem to have on their hands you don’t want an update on every time I hugged a cat or made a coffee… (suffice it to say both happen pretty often) ok full disclosure, it is mainly going to be pictures.

So…friday was a day of yoga and dance and walking around…

I tried the shed gym out as a place to dance… it works pretty well at the moment, even if the floor is a bit lumpy…

On Saturday I decided to attempt to get some improvised strongwoman training in, so I hooked my harness up to the garden roller and dragged it up and down… it wasn’t that heavy but still good if you run (trot) with it!

Later on, I attempted to make my 28kg kettlebell heavy enough for heavy deadlifts by adding resistance bands… it worked reasonably well… I also decided that resistance bands would be the basis of the work out for the day…

There was, also, of course, some walking…it’s government sanctioned you know!! 😁

Sunday mainly involved walking, and some delivery of provisions to a friend who is self isolating…

It was blooming cold!!

Monday I woke up extremely grumpy and out of sorts…

I managed to do some yoga then at lunchtime I went and danced in the shed gym…this cheered me up no end and I resolved to do it more often!!

I was so cheered up in fact, that I made a surgical plan, then went for walk 😁

I am considering changing the name of this project to project lockdown 2020… but I haven’t decided yet 😁



10 thoughts on “Project 44: Day 31-34 necessity is the mother of all invention…

  1. Please don’t change the name. I’d feel as if that was a signal of the end.

    Have you decided on flooring the shed? Not as in, knocking it flat (although with your mighty strong Warrior Goddess strength you obviously could with a mere flick of a pigtail). No, are you going to lay a nice, non-bumpy floor in it?

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      1. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ I do think your a bit nutty! But you’re so positive and focused, can’t help but be inspired! Seriously, after reading your post I thought to myself I really must do better! πŸ˜ƒ

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      2. My secret is I absolutely love it!!
        I didn’t always but I tried everything and anything until I found the stuff I loved!!
        It is easy to do exercise and stuff if you love it 😁

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      3. It is so important, forcing yourself to do something you hate will never work in the long run!
        I can highly recommend Shaun T dance programmes (actually any Shaun T programme but the dance ones are the ones I am living at the moment)

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      4. Mine is rubbish! My legs are ok..but I am pretty sure my arms are just flapping!!
        Beachbody on Demand are doing a free trail and all of his stuff is on there so you can try it πŸ™‚

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