Project 44: Day 35 – Gym shed phase 2 complete!

Yesterday, a whole day early, the kit for phase two of the shed gym was delivered!! They looked rather like a giant and very heavy witches hat!

They stopped looking like a witches hat when we opened them and started looking like a extremely cool, used but perfectly useable set of 150kg worth of weights with a 20kg Olympic bar 😁

So part of yesterday’s exercise was carrying 170kg of stuff down the garden to the shed gym… (it’s probably 70m)

Later that day I deadlifted in the shed gym!! It was extremely exciting and I can still deadlift 100kg 😁😁

And I still love it!!

(It was only 1.5 weeks since in deadlifted…but it feels like about 3 months!!)

The day also involved more lunchtime dancing 😁 and a yoga break!

Project 44 day 35 done!!

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