Project 44: Days 38, 39 & 40 – I love my shed gym!

I might have mentioned previously how much I love the shed gym… well it is still true so I thought I’d say it again!

Friday, was a more stressful day than I expected, mainly due to the fact that I had to go to Tesco and it was full of other people who were doing stupid things like walking close to me and just nipping in front to get bananas or some such thing… Honestly, I am leaving that big gap for a reason, not for someone else to walk into!!

So after that I had annoying anxiety which I decided the best way to deal with was to go for a walk in the outside world, away from people, then designate the rest of the day a rest day!

It ended up being a pretty good walk and it managed to more or less stave off the anxiety. Helped by the fact that we met no one at all! You can tell how anxious I was at the start by the fact that I totally forgot to take any pictures..this is almost unheard of for  me!

Saturday was a much better day!

I got out for a walk, although I cut it short because it was extremely sunny , which meant there were a lot of people about. This meant appropriate social distancing and people dodging was becoming tricky! I did get a good bit of fresh air, however, and managed to take some Polaroid pictures as well as phone ones…

There were so many people, and so many random people shouting at other random people because they had misinterpreted the lockdown rules, that I was extremely glad to get back to the safety of my house! It looks very pretty in the pictures though…

I cheered myself up later on by going to the shed-gym and doing squats! I decided it should be leg day, so we squatted… We are limited to what we can lift on to each other’s backs at the moment, so the squats weren’t super heavy, but they were brilliant!

We did, box squats using the lovely new bench, romanian deadlifts and barbell back squats all with 50kg… I love loved it!

Look I loved it so much I even have pictures of me doing box squats 😀

Sunday turned out pretty well too, in the end… I did attempt to bake scones with flour that went out of date in 2016… they did not turn out well, I was not that surprised tbh…

Things definitely improved after that though as I descended on the shed gym for a shoulder workout! I decided it had to be a shoulder workout, I had made so much shoulder progress in the first part of this year, it would be too easy to lose it again by only doing my favourite stuff (deadlifts and squats)! So off we went and tried loglifts first of all. I have a brand new log lift platform now too, all made from the pallets that the gym stuff arrived on! As it turns out, I haven’t lost too much shoulder strength, my log technique still needs practice though…
I threw in single arm t bar presses and seated barbell presses too, just to make sure. I even did sets of 10 O_O

Look at my lovely log lift platform… until not so long ago, the piece of ground it is standing on was a very large bramble patch in the place from which we removed a green house years ago…it is much more useful now!




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