Project 44: Day 41 – shed gym phase 3

Yesterday morning, over breakfast, a pallet full of weights and gym flooring arrived at my house!

Needless to say this was extremely exciting! It was followed later in the morning by a delivery of an Olympic bar, which as it turns out, is one of the nicest bars I have ever used 😀

Of course this meant that yesterday evening’s shed gym activity, was active, if not conventionally exercise… We moved the weights and flooring up the garden, moved what we already had around in order to be able to lay the flooring then we moved it back 🙂


Of course I had to try the bar out so I threw in one or 2 deadlifts! 😀

As is rapidly becoming tradition, I also did two 7 min yoga sessions and a short walk in the outside world… just to remind me that there still is an outside world…

Oh yes, and of course I danced during my lunchbreak 😀 I did two different dance videos today, a 20 min one and a 10 min one 🙂


Yes, the keen eyed amongst you are right…I did wear two different pairs of leggings yesterday…

Of course this is important, and sad…the lovely bright feather leggings I wore for a lot of the day, got ripped during my dash to acknowledge the pallet delivery man (from a safe distance of course) Sad times, these were one of my early grrrl clothing purchases and this is a pattern that has been discontinued. I’ll have to see if there is a way to fix it!


Project 44 day 41 done 😀

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