Project 44: day 42 & 43 – Shed gym, final phase complete!

The shed gym is now complete, and it is totally brilliant!

Tuesday saw the delivery of the final piece of equipment and meant we could organise it properly to be usable for everything we do! That final piece of equipment was the power rack. It was a bit of a challenge finding one what would fit in the space we had, mainly because our shed is lower than ideal for a gym. It wasn’t ever designed to be one after all. Its not bad for me to be honest, I am, after all, pretty short, but the makers of power racks don’t seem to make short person racks… Mark isn’t short either, so he has to do all over head stuff outside or sitting down…


Anyway… we had a power rack delivered which was allegedly the right size, and after far more assembly than I anticipated, a good deal of wiggling and a lot of moving stuff around, we got the rack where we wanted it, and all the other stuff in sensible places! A huge plus is that we managed to set the rack far enough back that there is still a big space in front of it for dancing or circuits or anything else 🙂

We now have two bars, one has been designated the squat bar and lives on the rack and the other, might just possibly be the best bar in the world, and is for deadlifts and rows and anything else we do out of the rack 🙂

So that is the amazing shed gym! I can do almost everything I need to in here! there will still have to be tweaks, and improvisations but I have now got the means to keep getting stronger 😀

Now I should also tell you about the actual exercise I have don on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Over the two days there were, 4 different yoga breaks ranging from 5 to 7 minutes 🙂 I am definitely going to attempt to incorporate this into my day when I go back to working from work…I am just not sure how yet…

Each day also contained a different episode of Hip Hop Abs, possible a work out from rather than an episode, I did participate after all…
This one I am going to have a harder time incorporating into working from work i think. I have the time during lunch the same as now, but not really the appropriate space…

I went on one governmentaly sanctioned walk around in the outside world, it was along a nice quiet stretch of the wey and arun canal.

Last but by no means least, I spent some time playing in the lovely new shed gym!

By playing I mean mainly doing deadlifts! I am still improving, I worked my way up to sets of 5 at 90kg which is an improvement, I have recently been doing set of 3 at 90 so these were good solid working sets…

these are totally the wrong shoes to dealift in!

I then, decided, for some reason, to see if I could lift 110kg. I didn’t think I could, I just wanted to see if I could get it off the ground. I was right, I couldn’t actually lift it, but I got it quite a lot further off the ground than I expected… (three times so I could get a video)

Project 44 day 42 and 43 done 😀


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