Project 44: day 44 – a lockdown Paddington!

Yes that’s right, on the last day of Project 44, in the brilliant shed gym, I got a new Paddington!

Or to put it another way I got a personal best!!

Yesterday…I did my first ever 75kg squat!!

Closely followed by my second, third, forth and fifth… then I did another five!

I was (and still am) extremely pleased!!

There was , of course, as is. Kw the tradition on work days some other activity…

I did two yogas and one dance session 🙂

And of course there was a governmentally sanctioned piece of outdoor, out of the house, exercise in the form of a walk by the wey and Arun canal…

This walk, however, had a far more peril than anticipated!! This walk had cows!! Actually bulls!! (Sort of young bulls) These bulls insisted on looking at us!! Looking!! With their eyes!! Not only that, they blocked the path and ran towards us…and away from us!!

So, with a new Paddington, and a near mid with some marauding cows. Day 44 and project 44 done!!

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