Lockdown 2020: New world, new challenge!

Well, project 44 finished… but of course my exercise regime didn’t 🙂 I have done slightly less over Easter weekend than I did during my work week, but I have done at least one, possibly 2 forms of exercise every day!

I have attended a Kettlebell class in my shed via Zoom, I have done log presses and random barbell accessory work, and I have walked around in the outside world, this time I did not get chased by cows! 

I did find a rather disturbing mask mind you… I have no idea what has been going on, I am just glad I didn’t meet it and its owner when it was getting dark!


Yes…I am fully aware of the irony in this considering how long I used to spend wearing a mask!

I think I am exercising even more now we are on lockdown, having Shed Gym is helping me hugely! I hadn’t realised until recently how much exercise helps my mood (or I had realised, and forgotten)! I totally get that there are people who this isn’t true for, and there is absolutely no reason why anyone has to exercise or anything really while we are in this extremely wierd situation, but I, personally am loving the extra exercise! I am loving it so much I have decided to extend the gym / exercise every day challenge until the end of lockdown!

I know, exercise every day challenges are not unusual for me and this blog, but now I am at home nearly 24-7 it changes things a little bit. I am going to attempt to have both lifting and cardio every work day, and at least one or the other every weekend day!

Just so the numbering is consistent with the whole country lockdown thing… today is lockdown day 23 as day 1 was the 24th March.

so, as project 44 ended last week, and this blog post covers the Easter weekend, I am going to start project lockdown on day 22 which was yesterday…

and…as I was doing project 44 and other things, I can say I have done exercise every day of lockdown…


Project Lockdown Fitness is go!!

This seems to be an appropriate way to further Project Warrior Goddess after all!, I am strong but this will make me stronger, I am fit, but this will make me fitter, I am already a Warrior Goddess, this will just make me an even better one…and give me a plan to help me survive this confusing lockdown situation!


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