Project Lockdown Fitness Day 22-27

I might get a little sketchy on the days during this particular project, there is nothing like spending all of the days at your house to make you slightly unsure about what day it is and how long this lockdown has been going on. This is not helped at all by my deciding to start to project 22 days into lockdown…

Still here goes, this was last week…

lets go

The cardio portion:

The cardio section of this challenge is mainly taking place during my work lunchbreak, I get 45 minutes and seeing as the shed gym is extremely close to my new (dining room based) I can easily get there and back and complete one of the plethora of Shaun T workouts that are 30 mins or under…

When I say easily, I mean the getting there and back bit… there has never, in the history of workouts, been a Shaun T workout that I consider easy!
Last week I mainly chose T25 work outs, mainly because I haven’t tried them before. They are, as the name suggests, 25 mins long which is a pretty good length for a lunch break. Don’t be fooled though, they may be short but they are a good workout!

shaun t you can do it

Honestly, of course they are, they are a Shaun T workout. I have to say I modified about half…more towards the end of the week when I was really really tired!! Modified or not, it was still effective and still good 😀 The other work out I chose, on Sunday was the first workout from Shaun Week which was 30 mins and insanity based…yeah…that wasn’t an easy choice at all!!

The lifting…

There has been a lot of lifting! I started the Stoltman Brothers Lifting programme on Tuesday, and it is hard work, especially if you are me, and stubborn and do things with more weight than you probably should because you are impatient…

Still, it was a good week lifting wise 😀 I managed things i normally find impossible, 5 x 5 shoulder presses with 32.5kg for example and 3 x 5 deadlifts at 95 kg! I even got a new PB on the deadlift, 105kg 😀 😀 on my birthday too!

paddington hat

I decided it was time to put in proper, organised training to build strength, rather than just going for maxes all the time, 5 x 5s and concentrated training is the way to get stronger 😀 i just had to try a 105kg in the middle of my deadlifts, it was my birthday after all… 😀 

Aside from the jumping about, and the lifting I have also been doing yoga and walking around outside…just to remind myself that there still is a world out there!


If project lockdown continues like this, and we have to go on for longer than the next 2.5 weeks…I stand a chance of being fitter and stronger by the end of this… maybe…

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