I think I’ve talked about motivation before, I have talked about how it used to be dancing and how I have been searching for a new motivation since I stopped doing that. I am pretty sure a lot of motivation is coming from me and my general desire to be stronger, and fitter and how I want to pull a truck…

But during lockdown, when I know there are people struggling, I am lucky to have found my real motivation!!

It’s little boxes!!

no not those boxes!!

These boxes!!


Yes, apparently I am far more motivated than most people by colouring in little boxes in a book! Its brilliant! I genuinely do extra things so I get to fill in boxes 😀

I don’t even mind that the list is more or less the same every day… It is helping me control what I can in this extremely out of control situation!


2 thoughts on “Motivation!

  1. I was thinking just the other day that I hadn’t seen your journal in a while. I’m glad to see it again, especially with so many filled little boxes.

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