Project Lockdown fitness: Day 27-33 – impatience is a virtue…

Ok, it isn’t and it is likely to lead you to do crazy things because you want to be fitter and stronger and whatnot as fast as possible!

Crazy things like decide that Insanity Max 30 is a good lunchtime work out and that 5 x 5 deadlifts at 90% of max 1RM is sensible!

TL:DR… these things are not sensible, but I did them anyway!

So, the cardio section of the week…

I think I started the week with another “Shaun Week” workout but at least by Tuesday I was Insanity Max 30, I am pretty sure that there was some dance in there too…but it is hard to tel, all time feels the same at the moment. So I am going to provide you with pictures…

The strongwoman training:

I have been continuing with the Stoltman Brothers training programme, it is hard work, and as there are two of us doing it together, we never quite get to the end of each session, but we do most of it, and it is the sort of consistent training that will make me stronger. Sadly I am not patient and I want to be stronger right now, so on Monday I tried doing deadlift 5 x 5 with 95 kg which is a weight that only 4 weeks ago I was happy to have managed for triples. I managed some of the 5s at 95 but I did have to drop to 90 and 85 and it generally sapped my energy more than I expected. Possibly because I massively upped the cardio section to an insanity style workout which is pretty hard on legs and then attempted to deadlift on top… I remain positive that I will adapt!
SO with a little rejigging to accommodate my sudden lack of energy, we managed to get through the entire programme this week, and threw in a couple of sessions of core and shoulder mobility training too 🙂
yes, I spent some of the week totally knackered…but it will be worth it when I adapt and become stronger.
No, I am not pushing myself too hard, I really will rest if I need to!

I also got to use my lovely new sled, and I discovered that sled drags in the bumpy garden on grass are much harder than they are in the gym. So much harder in fact that i had a minor tantrum and got cross that I was never going to be good at anything, and never going to be strong. I know it’s not hugely rational, but sometimes I feel like I am making no progress at all…

I know that’s not true… but sometimes that’s how I feel, I am going to have to have a look at some different stuff to prove to myself that I have made progress…

Talking of yoga and walking, I have been doing a lot of those too!
(no, I know i wasn’t talking of yoga or walking but I couldn’t think of a smooth segue)


2 thoughts on “Project Lockdown fitness: Day 27-33 – impatience is a virtue…

  1. Wow! You are completely bonkers but I love reading your blog so don’t change. You will adapt and then you’ll have to change up the crazy.
    I’m really jealous of your shed gym.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bonkers is right I think! I am loving it but my legs are hating me!
      I keep saying to Mark that I am just waiting to adapt…it will all be ok when I adapt 😀
      You are right though, I’ll change up the crazy when i do 😀
      The shed gym is all that is keeping me sane right now!

      Liked by 1 person

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