Project lockdown Fitness: Day 34 – Crying and Squats

I have decided to write these things up an a more daily basis, it turns out if I leave things for more than a day or so i have no idea what day anything happened or what went on. Such is the nature of spending every day in the same place doing more or less the same things!

I don’t know what day it is, but this happens every day…

So, yesterday I decided that breaking out the original insanity workout during my lunch break was a good idea.

I also wanted to try out my new trainers but didn’t want my older trainers to be offended so i hid my new ones… I have a feeling my judgement was a bit off!

Anyway, I decided to do Original Insanity Pure Cardio work out, and I loved it, but I did have to modify about half, but that’s ok, modifying is still had work, just lower impact!


This picture does not adequately show how wobbly my legs were…probably because leg wobbles are hard to show in pictures!

Continuing the wobbly leg theme, it was Leg Day in the shed gym later on! Week 3 of the Stoltman Strongman program, and I had to do 5 x 5 squats, some pause squats and some box squats… I chose 70kg for the squats, which is heavier than I have ever done for reps before! I then after the first set cried because it was heavy and I wasn’t getting stronger, then I cried because I was annoyed that I am fat, then because I am probably smaller than I was when I started lockdown due to massive amounts of exercise and sensible eating, but I refused to weigh myself because weight doesn’t matter, then i cried because I was cross with myself for being annoyed and cross…

It didn’t make much sense tbh… I carried on with my squats though and only cried one more time in the whole session, i can’t remember why, probably because it was all complicated and I didn’t feel like I would every be strong. I know this is completely contrary to the fact that I was doing heavier stuff than before.


After all that, my legs really were wobbly…I probably shouldn’t have done both of these things on the same day but that is what I do now!

So despite irrational crying, I think I am actually making progress!


2 thoughts on “Project lockdown Fitness: Day 34 – Crying and Squats

  1. Crying is never irrational. You obviously needed it.
    Modifying workouts is ok too. I am having to modify my yoga sessions if there is lots of arm/shoulder movement because my shoulder has frozen for some, unknown, reason. I can’t even do extended child pose which I love 😢.
    Anyway, you are doing fab!

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