Project lockdown fitness: Day 36 & 37 Puss Presses…


Wednesday, Day 36, was upper body day in the shed gym… Molly decided she wanted to have a go at the Push press and make it into a puss press… but her leggies were just too little so she climbed a tree instead and we got on with pressing things over our heads! I was pretty pleased overall, I managed 5 x 5 push presses at 25kg which considering in February I could barely manage that with 25kg is not too bad!

This day was also the day I did Insanity max 30 Tabata Power and some yoga for self care in which I discovered that I can now sit cross legged (after a fashion) without my ankles hurting! It was definitely a day of progress πŸ™‚

Thursday (day 37) was in contrast a day of many aches and the need for more sleep than I have been getting. It also involved a trip to Tesco after work which due to queues and whatnot was somewhat longer than I anticipated. This put paid to the evening’s deadlifting session, which, considering how much I was aching, was probably a good thing tbh! It is strange how draining supermarket trips are these days!

I did complete Insanity Max 30 Sweat intervals in my lunchbreak and did some yoga, in which I discovered I am a teeny bit better at balancing than I was πŸ™‚



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