Project Lockdown fitness: Day 41 & 43 – 60 days of digging deeper…

I signed up for a thing!!

Of course I did, that has got to be one of the most used phrases on this blog!

This one is a challenge! It is going to be tough but it is going to be worth it! I is going to be tougher because I have already been doing my own version of it for the last few weeks…

I was idly scrolling through instagram, and I came across this:

60 days of digging deep

Intrigued, I investigated what this was all about, and it involves doing a Shaun T workout every day for 60 days, according to a schedule decided by Shaun T. It is billed as his hardest challenge ever…

So of course I joined it!!

It is free to join and you get access to a facebook group full of motivation and such along with 4 calendars (each 2 weeks long) to tell you which workout to do on which day. I have only seen the first two weeks, and done the first three days, but it seems so far that Shaun T has picked his hardest stuff and jammed it all together with in a way that covers all bases (cardio, strength, core etc).

Day 41 (Monday and day 1 of this new challenge) was Insanity Max 30 Friday Fight round 2, this is supposed to be in the second, harder week of max 30, not the first workout in a series… I am extremely pleased I have been doing some of this stuff already!

I do enjoy Max 30 though so it is a good place to start πŸ™‚


Of course, me being me, and me still having a strongwoman competition to do in August (as far as i know) I am still doing my strength training programme. So Monday as well as this jumping about, I also did some deadlifts! I was really tired mind you and every deadlift tried to convince me it would be my last, but I got through the full 5×5 πŸ˜€

I also did some yoga for runners…It is totally valid, I am a runner…I ran on Sunday!

Day 42 / 2 / Tuesday brought me to Insanity Asylum. This is not one I have tried before and so far I don’t like it as much as the others. The workout is still good, Shaun T is still Shaun T so it is still motivational and makes you want to work hard, but it is based around sports conditioning and seems to lack the boundless ennthusiastic excitement that have filled his other workouts! The others are all hard (so hard!!) but also fun this one was hard but Shaun T didn’t seem to be enjoying himself… He said he was smiling because he loved it…but he wasn’t smiling as much as he was in Insanity…


Still is was pretty good and as it is a sort of cardio / weight based workout it will help with general strength and definitely increase my muscular endurance…I need much more than of that than I have!

Tuesday also saw the an upper body session in the shed gym which was awesome, hard at first then suddenly much better due, possibly, to the new magic pre-workout formula stuff I have. Of course I went on a walk too…in the morning this time to leave more time for weights in the evening…

Last (for now) but in some ways not least was Wednesday, day 43/ day 3

Shaun T in his infinite wisdom decided that Wednesday would be the day of Insanity Max Plyo fun! It was fun too, but also really hard work! I was surprised that I managed to do some 180ΒΊ squat jumps, and some plyo hop thingies… actual hops that is, on one leg and everything. One leg is hard for me due to my slight ankle issues after the breaks… I am pleased to see they are getting better though πŸ˜€ All that being said, I did have to modify some of this, just not as much as I would have done a few weeks ago!


That, and a walk is all i managed to do on wednesday, due mostly to an extremely long training session and a trip to Tescos to forage for supplies. Tescos always takes so much longer now than it used to!

All in all though not a bad 3 days πŸ˜€

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