Project lockdown fitness: Day 51 – Stretching and shoulders and bears…

Actually there weren’t that many bears yesterday but I just felt like there should be a third thing on the list…and it give me the opportunity to post bear pictures!

Yes, bears are awesome!

Bears are awesome and pictures of bears makes everyone’s day better (based on no research at all). Here’s another one:

strong little bear
Strong little bear!

This one is doing some sort of overhead press, which neatly leads into the shoulder exercise portion of this post πŸ˜€

In the shed gym, I made use of all the dumbbells I have…which is not very many, it is the one area we are lacking…

IΒ  had enough for my needs though and managed to do, seated dumbbell presses, pullovers, facepulls, lat raises and biceps curls πŸ™‚


Look how brilliantly colour coordinated me and my bench and dumbbells are!! It was completely by accident I promise!

My other form of exercise for the day was part of the 60 Days of Digging deep with Shaun T, in which he decided to be nice to us for some reason and programmed in a workout called relief, which is basically, 25mins of stretching. not what I would normally choose I have to be honest, but it was actually good, i quite enjoyed it and I did need it really… I should *probably* do it more often…


Molly cat helped too πŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “Project lockdown fitness: Day 51 – Stretching and shoulders and bears…

  1. So, is your spirit animal a bear? Just asking because I decided a while ago that mine might be a hippo. Have you seen those things in the water? They’re like poetry in motion. Also, I believe they kill more humans per annum than sharks – fierce, protective beasts as well as water nymphs.

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    1. I think it must be! They are good and strong and fierce too and they have fuzzy heads which describes mine fairly often!! They also sleep a lot in winter…which I don’t do but I would like to!

      Hippos are amazing creatures!! They are really fierce and apparently one of the more dangerous animals in existence! And so happy in water 😁

      I think these are both brilliant spirit animals!!

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    1. Yay! I am glad you found me too! There are often bears on my posts… I try to find excuses to put them there, sometimes they are very sketchy excuses, but its ok because they are bears πŸ˜€

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