Project Lockdown Fitness: Days 52-55 – Warning, there is a lot of colour coordination in here!

It is ridiculous how much I now colour coordinate with the shed gym! I swear it wasn’t on purpose! Its just that I really like orange at the moment…and it just happens that quite a bit of the gym kit we have managed to get hold of is orange…

Of course my hair is orange too…well some of it is, but that is totally the hairdressers fault and done before we got most of the orange gym kit.

No…I absolutely didn’t buy gym kit to coordinate with my hair… or with my car (yes that’s orange too) I did by doc martens to match my hair once… but that is different!


(yes I know any excuse to use a Doctor Who gif)

I suppose I had better tell you about some of the exercise-y stuff I have been up to! That is the whole point of this blog after all… well some of the point of the blog, but definitely the point of today’s post…

So, I will start with the Dig deeper challenge, move on to lifting, then any extra stuff…

In my attempt to did deeper, as directed by Mr Shaun T, I had to do such exciting things as Speed and Agility, Fast and Furious Insanity, Ripsanity and Ab Shredders! These are all as absolutely insane as they sound! Especially when you consider that Sunday in this selection of days was a rest day, meaning that two of these (Ripsanity and Ab Shredder) were carried out on Monday! I’ll tell you something, If I never see another plank again I’ll be happy! I hate them, they hurt my arms and shoulders! I’ll do any other core/ab move you can think of, including crazy trx stuff but planks…nooooo!

Of course I will do them if I have to, but I will probably complain about it!

We have entered Phase two of this Dig deeper challenge now, I think Phase two stands for even more madness! The workouts are harder, and sometimes there are two of them on the same day! It is absolutely what it says it is…a huge challenge to dig deep! However, you know full well that I am loving it! 😀

Lifting and Strongwoman:

Of course this is still going strong! I still have a comp to prep for you know… So I have done Legs, and overhead and upper body stuff and had a session of event prep carrying things and dragging things 😀

I am particularly pleased with all of the carrying stuff!! I used my lovely new farmers walk handles and carried 40kg up and down the garden!! 40kg is the weight I need to carry for the comp, so now I just need to work on getting faster and gripping it better!

It sounds easy when you put it like that :-/ but I know I can do the weight for this one at least and practice makes perfect 😀

I am also getting much more comfortable with putting pictures up of me doing things, ones where you can see all of me! I am starting to think I might even look a little bit strong!

Last but by no means least, I have been doing quite a bit of walking in pretty places to get in steps and sunshine!

All in all not a bad few days, and I have managed to get the gym colour coordination to a fine art…everything is orange and black right now…

I feel sure this level of coordination won’t last!

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