Project lockdown fitness: day 58 – Another new paddington!

yes! another one πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



Absolutely, I nearly fell over in surprise too!

Yesterday was deadlift day πŸ˜€ deadlift day is a pretty awesome day anyway even without a PB, but they make it even better!

The session started with Pendlay rows which are a wierd variation on bent over barbell rows which are (i think) designed to take momentum out of the equation and concentrate on upper back work. Yes a quick google tells me that the pendlay row is stricter and develops more power because you have to put the bar down completely between reps… Well, I like them and did 3 x 12 @40kg…

then 5 x 5 deadlifts. I was doing the sets at 87.5kg because you are supposed to work somewhere between 65 and 85% of your 1RM, mark was doing sets at 110kg for the same reason. Between my sets 2 and 3 I decided that it might be fun to see if I could lift the 110kg… It was just there, on the bar asking to be picked up…So I did!! I was quite surprised, and it went up relatively easily… it was a bit grindy towards the middle top of the lift… but I did it πŸ˜€ woohoo!!

This is doubly pleasing when you take into account that my 60 days of digging deep with Shaun T challenge today involved two workouts, which I did back to back… they were only 25 mins each, but 25 mins of shaun t is not an easy 25 mins…and 2 25 mins felt like about 9 hours!

Actually thats not true, but it was hard! Hard but awesome! I realised in the second 25 min that I was capable of jumping more than I had been for a while and I even managed a push up jack… I don’t think it was a very good one, but I did it! I haven’t been able to do one of these since my first go at insanity in about 2014 πŸ˜€

For the uninitiated… a push up jack looks like this:


Ok, this image is sped up, even for Shaun T that is fast… and I am pretty sure I looked nothing like that when I did mine… Actually I know I looked nothing like that because I am nothing like Shaun T… but you know what I mean… I had myΒ  hands raised a teeny bit on a step on its lowest setting, and I jumped my feet out and did a press up! I was so shocked I forgot to carry on and do the next one but I did more later…

It was a brilliant day to see progress! And to be entirely shocked by the progress!



By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


    1. Thank you 😁 I am so pleased with my progress at the moment, I am determined to get something good out of lockdown!
      If you use the code Henchwench on the grrrl website it gets you a discount, it’s not my code but someone I know


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