Project lockdown fitness: days 72 – 74 I am not too fat to dance and I never was!

Socially distanced personal training and another couple of PBs to boot! Apparently consistent training pays off but I’ll get back to that in a minute 😀 I am going to at least attempt to put this into some sort of chronological order!

Thursday, LD day 72, Junathon day 4

Thursday was a sort of rest day…

Now my definition of rest day has always been a little bit sketchy, but it doesn’t normally involve two Shaun T T25 work-outs back to back… but that is what I did on Thursday, it counts as a sort of rest, because that is all I did… I might have gone for a walk too now I think about it, but still quite resty…

That face was justified!!

Friday: LD day 73, Juneathon Day 5

Friday, I fully intended to get up early and do my Shaun T workout before work, I totally didn’t do this because I was sleeping well for once and wanted to carry on as long as I could 😀

SO that came later, all in all I did things in a silly order on Friday, which probably accounts for why I am so tired now… but I am not talking about now, I am talking about Friday. so Friday:

Friday saw the return of 1 to 1 personal training sessions with Matt, these are allowed now as long as they are outside and appropriately distanced! Actually, we weren’t outside for this one, well, I wasn’t, but Matt was, he loitered in the doorway to the shed gym and stayed the appropriate distance away whilst telling me what to do! It was brilliant! We did deadlifts!!

And…drumroll please… (what I like drumrolls!)

I got a new PB! I totally wasn’t expecting one so soon after the last one! But my new deadlift Max is 112.5kg 😀 which means I have put 10kg onto my deadlift max in 73 days. I know this because I got 102.5 kg on the day the gyms closed! This is awesome and I am extremely pleased!

Socially distanced selfie!

It was excellent seeing Matt again, its a bit like things are not in limbo any more!

Shortly after this training, I had to do my Shaun T workout that I failed to do in the morning. It was Insanity Asylum Upper Elite, which is a mixture of cardio and Upper body (obviously) strength and endurance training. I am not the biggest fan of the Asylum workouts tbh but they are undoubtedly good workouts 😀


Believe it or not this was not the end of the days training.

It was deadlift day and Mark and I went down to the shed gym and deadlifted…this may not have been the best plan for me given that the content of the training session with Matt was actually nearly identical to the programmed session, but I did some anyway and adapted bits so I got a bit of variety! After all, I love a deadlift and it would be a shame to miss them 😀 I didn’t take any pictures, but you get the idea…it was deadlifts and rows 😀

Saturday: LD day 74, Junathon day 6

I am pretty sure Saturday involved a lot of hugely exciting things…although they could well have been disguised as getting timings mixed up and watching a lot of Murder Sh Wrote!

I did do jumping up and down though. Jumping up and down, that is, officially known as Shaun T Max 30 Friday fight round 2. I know, Friday Fight on a Saturday is just confusing but that is what was in the programme! I think Max 30 is my favourite Shaun T workout programme!  I might just do the whole thing once this 60 day challenge is over!

I maxed out! 😀

Sunday: LD day 75, Junathon Day 7

I got my bounce back!

Exactly 1 year ago this weekend was that day with Mythago. You know which day… the argument/bodyshaming/leave a dance out never to return day! If you don’t know the day read these:

So before all of that fiasco which led me away from morris dancing, I was attempting to get my bounce back, I was recovering from a broken ankle and trying to get back to full dancing jumping fitness. This goal fell by the wayside as my mindset suffered and I spiraled into a period of time where I believed the nonsense I had been told. Anyway, on Sunday, in my optional Shaun T Cize (dancing) workout I realised I had my bounce back, I jumped up and down and crossed and uncrossed my feet…I kept expecting it to hurt or for me to fall down, but it didn’t!

I am not too fat (*heavy* eyeroll!) to dance and I never was!!

That thing the blurry Shaun T is doing, I did that!

Sunday went from strength to strength, as we did some strongwoman event training later on and I finally managed 40kg log press! This is what I need for my competition! This coupled with 45kg (per hand) Farmers carries rounded off the weekend pretty well!

So happy!! 



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