Project Lockdown Fitness: Day 75 & 77 – I’m not grumpy, I’m tired

I’m not grumpy I am tired was my tagline for monday this week.

It wasn’t true as it happens, I was grumpy, and tired…

tired bear
Actual footage of me!

It has been that sort of week so far tbh, my sleep has been somewhat broken and wierd and I have woken up feeling like I haven’t slept at all. This happens sometimes, I am not sure why… When I checked my sleep and body battery (body battery is some sort of magic thing they work out based on amount of sleep and rest and heartrate) out on my garmin it bore out my suspicisions.

Just in case you were wondering, I always decide how I feel before I check my garmin, that way I can’t be influenced by its electronic magic!

The first bit of those graphs, up to the little clock at the bottom, is the bit where you are supposed to have your energy restored while you sleep. For reasons totally beyond my understanding this did not happen. I was asleep, I woke up a bit but not that much, I guess I was just not that relaxed while I was asleep.

Anyway… I still did things, I made a commitment to you on here and the people in the Shaun T group, and to myself that I would workout every day, so I did…

There were Shaun T workouts, Walking, and lifting things above my head. there was even a bit of yoga! Here is the pictorial evidence šŸ˜€

Its all good šŸ˜€ the things got done and I am still progressing!


Spoiler alert…

I slept much better last night and so tomorrow’s episode (today’s exercise) will be more energetic…


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