Project Lockdown Fitness: days 78 – 82 – Exercise, she wrote…

There is something about working from home, exercising at home and generally staying at home apart from walking that makes you forget what has happened from one moment to the next…

It appears to be Wednesday again here and I seem to have not posted since sometime last week…

Ok…apparently by sometime last week, I mean Thursday last week. So, i am going to tell you all of the things I did between last Thursday and now. Ok, maybe not all of the things, I probably can’t remember every little thing I did, and I don’t think anyone wants to read about my work day and my escalating Murder She Wrote habit…

Maybe they do…

I should probably stick to exercise though, that is what this blog is mainly about.

Ok…exercise and my opinions about society, but I’ll get to those in a different post.

So in the almost a week since my last post I have been doing a lot of exercise, this won’t surprise you I am sure, I have got to the point where I don’t think I could stop now even if I wanted to! Which I don’t!

OK, I do know that exercise addiction is a real thing and it runs alongside eating disorders, I am not making light of that I promise. I don’t think I am at that stage, I really do do it because I enjoy it.

So digging deep with Shaun T…there was a lot of that (although not quite as much as there could have been…he did give us a rest day)

I have done a lot of diffferent Shaun T exercise programmes now, and my favourites are still Insanity Max 30 and OG Insanity!

You know what’s coming next don’t you…

msw 3
No need for sarcasm Mrs Fletcher!

It is of course lifting! I have been working through the Stoltman strongman programme and it has been working pretty well! I even managed to increase my overhead press and bench press working weights! That coupled with some squats with Matt on friday made for a pretty good week of lifting 😀

Apparently I forgot to take any pictures yesterday…

The other things that have been going on here are yoga and running. Yes you read that right…running, twice in less than a week O_O

And that is all…she wrote…


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