Competition news, and some of my new favourite things

so…now I have to compete in a Strongwoman competition, twice in a week…

Well, I guess it is twice in two weeks really, and two competitions, I have one on a Sunday, then another one on the following Sunday

That still two competitions really close together!

The first one is the original competition I signed up for at the end of last year, the one that had been postponed. The second is the one I signed up for just in case the first one didn’t get rescheduled until next year…

In my defence I didn’t know they would end up so close together…

So, now I have two to do 😀

Just in case you want to turn up to yell support:

First one

Second one

Its just lucky the first one didn’t reschedule to the same day as the second one, although I suspect that the sussex strongman/woman community is small enough that they knew about each other…

So this is my goal… I have 3.5 months to get even stronger. I want to go into these competitions as strong as I can be.

So it is onwards to more of the same, more lifting, more pushing, more pulling and more carrying of oddly shaped items…

Luckily the gym has reopened, and during lockdown it has gained what has fast become my new favourite thing… a large 100kg tyre!!

You would not believe how satisfying it is to flip this thing over and over! It goes with a good slam which is definitely a good thing when you are feeling sad or annoyed! This tyre is one of my new favourite things! I have flipped it about on 5 out of my 7 post lockdown trips to the gym! It probably should’t be *all* I do while I am there, but it is a brilliant workout finisher…

Its not going to be long before the gym needs a bigger one mind you…

My other new favourite thing is two things really, well it is one type of thing, but in two different weights. Ok I know… get to the point…

I bought myself a steel mace, well 2 steel maces, because the first one was much harder to work with because 10 kg, might sound light, but when it is stuck on the end of a metre long stick, it is too heavy wo wave around effectively without practicing on a light one first.

So now I have two steel maces, a 4kg one and a 10kg one.

These things are extremely good for shoulder mobility, general strength, arm, shoulder and core strength and cardio fitness… they are also lots and lots of fun and can be used as weapons if necessary!

I am not an expert at using this brilliant thing yet, but I am about 50% of the way to mastering the 360 (which is a bit like whirling it around you head under control) and can do more static things which are much harder than you think they are going to be because of the offset nature of the weights. For the moment I am mostly happy that I haven’t managed to hit myself over the head with it!

There is a lot more information about maces here if you want to read all about them.

I, of course, will keep you updated with my progress and I probably won’t take one to work with me to threaten annoying people!

steel mace

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