What is the plural of Stoltman?

Stoltmen? Stoltpeople? Stoltmans… I think it is probably Stoltmans, but that just sounds wrong. I might just cut my losses and refer to them as Tom and Luke Stoltman, just to be on the safe side…

You may be wondering why this blog post seems somewhat more rambling than normal. Well, it is just one of those days, but I do (as (almost) always) have a point. It is to do with Stoltmans too.

OK, just in case you have no idea who I am talking about, Tom and Luke Stoltman are Scottish strongmen. They hold 8 Scotlands strongest man titles between them (Tom 3 and Luke 5) the are currently the 2nd and 3rd strongest men in Britain and they have both been worlds strongest men competitors. So, in short, they are really strong… not only that though, they seem to be really good guys!

Anyway, onwards to the point! I have just signed up to do online training with these Stoltmans. This is both awesome and terrifying! They are going to write me a programme and set up online chats and such so they can keep an eye on what I am doing… I am somehow going to have to get over my initial “eeee a famous person just emailed me” reaction which has happened for every email (three) so far!

It is early days yet, but Luke has emailed me and I have told him what my goals are and the details of the competitions, and he has written me a programme which I am going to start today šŸ˜€

(side note, I was supposed to start it yesterday, but I managed to get myself food poisoning on tuesday evening :-/ )

I actually can’t wait to get started! It follows similar lines to what I have been doing, but has been adjusted in such a way that I will be able to get through the full variety of the exercises, rather than ending up only doing one or two from each day due to pushing too hard / trying to up the weights too quickly and running out of energy…

Not that I would do that…of course…

Lovely new plan from the stoltpeople

I will keep you posted about how I get on with this and if I ever get over my slightly star-struck reactions to the whole thing šŸ˜€

Now though, I am going to abandon keyboard and lift some heavy things as per instructions!

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