So, I have just discovered that Squatober is a thing.

I don’t know why it has a mustache on it, I am hoping they are not obligatory…

It is as simple as it sounds, it is squatting, every day in October…or possibly every day in October apart from the Sundays. Whichever it is it is a lot of squats on nearly every day in October. It is a properly programmed thing, with published squat workouts for every day published by @thepenandpaperstrengthapp and @sorinex_squatober

Beyond that I have no idea what the whole thing entails…

But I love squats, so I am in!

After all, I never met a crazy exercise challenge I wouldn’t at least try…(well I might have done, but those ones are *really* crazy, and probably involve running!)

I am planning to do this alongside my existing strongwoman training, I will incorporate it in on leg day, and I will have to somehow manage to get to the gym twice on other days so that I can fit it all in. There is nothing for it, I am just going to have to re-adapt to mornings!

I don’t actually have any recent photos of me doing squats…

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