Please, Just Be Nice To Us: TERFs, JK Rowling, and Trans Rights in the UK

Transwomen are women. Feminism is for all women, not just those who fit certain molds! Please read this, and go and read the whole thing on the original site too 😀

Life Through The Iris

Part One: Preamble

This is a topic on which I’ve not been particularly vocal, bar the odd Facebook post. This hasn’t been because I don’t have anything to say, or because I don’t think anything is worth saying, but because honestly, I’ve just been tired. The entire discussion around trans rights in recent years has been so hateful, so spiteful, and so vitriolic that I’ve found it much easier to just stay quiet. In true me fashion, however, that fatigue and disillusionment has now come full circle, and I’ve decided I can’t stay silent any longer. In this essay, I’m going to discuss transphobia, TERFs, JK Rowling, and the problems they have caused. I’m going to discuss why they’re bad, what the results of their actions have been, and where we stand on trans rights in the UK now, in October of 2020. It should go without saying, but this…

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