Slight change of plans…

Having made a huge sweeping statement about completing squatober this year, I have swiftly reconsidered! I already have a fairly heavy 5 days a week lifting programme which is designed for me to get me ready for my competitions. When I considered the reality of doing another 5 days (at least) a week heavy lifting programme at the same time seemed somewhat ill conceived as ideas go!

It seemed like a fast track to over training and wearing myself out just in time for a competition really. So I decided what I needed to do was get myself moving more outside of heavy lifting. Its something I was doing a lot of during lockdown but has fallen by the wayside a little in the process of readapting to working from work…

So, me being me I have signed up for a challenge. It is another distance challenge, I know I do them a lot, but I also know they get me up and moving 🙂 This one is slightly different from the others though. It is run by My Virtual Mission and it has an interactive map that tells you how far along your chose route you are and shows you pictures in streetview of where you are (virtually) walking!

I have chosen to walk the Ring of Kerry, it is an extremely picturesque route in Co. Kerry, Ireland that we drove in the van 2 years ago. Every day the walking I do gets automatically added to the app and I progress a little way along the route. I can look on street view to see where I am up to 😀

There I am in the middle of the road walking in the sunshine next to some Irish mountains!

The route is 200km long and I have given myself 8 weeks to do it in. This is probably a little bit of a pessimistic time frame, but I am being mindful of the training I have to do for my competitions and the fact that it gets dark annoyingly early now!

The whole route…there are a lot of people on it, but I don’t have to meet them!

I intend to complete the route mostly walking, but I am going to attempt to throw in some runs here and there too. I need a little bit of a cardio boost before I have to race people whilst carrying heavy objects!

I will keep you posted about my progress around the Ring of Kerry, it presents me with a brilliant opportunity to look at, and post pictures from my trip 😀 The other thing I will do is share postcards with you…

Did I mention the app sends you postcards. Virtual postcards, but still 😀

😀 I love it!

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