One month to go!


In one month (exactly… it is on the 22nd November) I have my very first strongwoman competition.

It would be fair to say that I am suddenly exceedingly anxious about the whole thing!

Ok, actually that would be something of an understatement. When I actually think too hard about competing in this competition (and the one shortly after) I get fairly panicky and start overthinking… really overthinking!

Will I be able to do anything?
Will I look stupid?
Will I fall over?
Will I drop weights on my head?
Will I cry?
What if I can’t do it?
What if I can do it and am so surprised I forget to do it?
What if I fall down?
What if people laugh at me?
What if I laugh at me?
What if I get too scared and hide?
People will be there…people!!!
What if I die?
Did I mention the people?


However all I can do is keep on training and training, eating protein and attempting to sleep properly!

Sounds pretty easy put like that doesn’t it…

The continuation of training is ok, I seem to be managing that, eating protein is ok too… Its the other one.

Sleep is becoming increasingly difficult, for reasons I have not really determined…

Still, to badly paraphrase a CBT book I once skimmed through:

You can live on less sleep than you think so stop worrying about it and get on with your life.

I am pretty sure it didn’t put it quite like that but that was the gist… It is a mantra I have taken to living by, especially in those times (like now) where I don’t sleep well for various reasons.

Enough of that, it seems to be beyond my control. I am mostly concentrating on things that are in my control, like training!

I have started to do a thing which is apparently a valuable training tool and not just a terrifying thing to put on instagram; I have started to video me doing things in the gym. I have done it twice so far, once on my own with the aid of a gorilla pod, it wasn’t as well framed as I would like, but it worked…

So, without further ado, I am going to show you some things…

badly framed log press video… but I sent it to Luke Stoltman (eee) and now I have some pointers!
Farmer’s carry video, I *could* have cropped it so it doesn’t start off with all bottom…but I didn’t 🙂

I did 130kg yoke walk, it was hard put it puts me where I need to be for the competition! I also managed 102.5kg for reps which is even better than last week!! 😀

Onwards and upwards 😀

11 thoughts on “One month to go!

  1. Soooo impressive! The size of those weights were ridiculous! It’s scary going into something new – I hope you’re proud of yourself for being brave enough to enter. And I honestly think the event will be a brilliant experience and at the very least a helpful learning tool. You can totally do this 🙂

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      1. My old boss always told me that it’s GOOD to be scared, because it means you will double your effort to prepare, and by the time the time comes you will be doubly ready. Sending you loads of positive energy ❤ ❤

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