I pulled a truck!

It was a practice truck, but it was still a 7.5 tonne truck! It was this truck in fact:

Yes I was attempting to look strong in the face of a giant truck, I may or may not have succeeded, there is a possibility that at that point I just look small! Well small compared to this unfeasibly large truck. which is not only a 7.5 tonne truck, but also a fully equipped overland camper / truck known as the Managon because it is based on a Man 4×4 truck but uses VW Vanagon parts. It is owned by Jed from Campervan Culture who very kindly let me use his truck and his premises to practice this unusual pastime!

If you have heard anything about pulling trucks, you have probably heard that getting it going is the hardest part. This much is true.

You may have also heard that once it gets going it is easy…this much is not true!

It is easier to keep it moving than it is to get it going, but still, it is a great big thing that has a lot of resistance to overcome in the bearings and at the tyres etc, to keep it moving, you have to keep yourself moving! It stops very easily, the slightest bump in the ground or vague uphill section or even patch of slightly flatter rubber on the tyres makes the thing want to stop.
Any hesitation in your steps, or slight slip or wobble, makes it want to stop, and you absolutely don’t want to have to start the thing moving more than once in the pull!

Here I am trying and completely failing to get it going:

That was the third time I tried to start it, the first I managed to rock it a bit, the second I got it going about 1 m until I hit a bump, and this was me trying to start it off over the bump… as you can see it didn’t work…

So we rolled it back again and I had another go…

This time I managed a good few meters, until I hit the same bump, but I defintiely moved it and was already learning about the technique.

Go four I managed a really good run, probably about 10 m until I ran out of space, but I decided not to video this one for some reason. By this time I was extremely excited! I had danced in little circles twice and jumped up and down a bit! There was quite a lot of adrenaline sloshing about 😀 which is probably what lead me to have a fifth and last go…

@WooGlobe Verified (Original) *For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)WooGlobe(dot)com

This time the truck started further back, and I even managed to get it over the little bump and contend with a wobble. You can see the wobble in the video!

I was definitely starting to get the hang of the technique. As far as I can tell it hinges on as smooth and constant movement as possible, and lots and lots of little steps!

I have to say, pulling a truck is absolutely awesome! I felt completely superhero-like for quite some time! Even after the adreneline had worn off and I started aching 😀

Just in case you think that is the last of the excitement! On friday, I got 2 new Paddingtons!!
I did a 110kg (55kg per hand) Farmers carry and I did 110kg deadlifts for reps! 3 reps, but still for reps!! 😀

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