Annoying but not unexpected…

The UK is rushing headlong into a second lockdown, it starts (officially) on Thursday 5th November (yay happy bonfire night) and lasts for 1 month.

That is at least 1 month, there is no guarantee that it will actually end after a month, but a month is the paln, for now.

So that being taken into consideration, and the dates of my two strongwoman competitions were 22nd and 28th November, it is not really a surprise that I have to announce that they have been postponed. One will now be in January, and the other will now be in May.

I am not really surprised, but I am annoyed and disappointed. I was somewhat terrified about actually competing, but I was getting over that and was almost psyched up to do it. Especially after pulling the truck on Sunday. I know I can do it now and I want to do it!

Still, I will compete eventually!

So all I have to do now is keep training and get even stronger!

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