Lockdown 2.0: Smaller and more confusing…

Actually saying this lockdown is more confusing is not really *that* accurate, there has been no part of the UK’s (specifically England’s) response to this pandemic has been particularly straightforward or clear cut.

The first lockdown was reasonably straightforward, but it still seemed to precipitate hundreds of arguments and misunderstandings on who could go out and why and where they could go. These extended well beyond the normal keyboard warrior situation into police information and people being mistakenly fined for things that they was actually allowed to do…

The easing of lockdown lead to different rules about who could meet up and form bubble and what business could open and when. That part of the saga seemed to be a balancing act between killing people and killing the economy, which somehow failed and killed both…

So now we have a second lockdown, which some people seem to be taking seriously and some people seem to be completely ignoring. My employer is taking it seriously, and people have to wear masks at work and work from home when they are not needed on site (we are an engineering/manufacturing company so it is not as straight forward as some solely office based occupations). The amount of traffic on the road outside my house would indicate that far fewer people are staying at home this time, which makes me wonder how effective it is going to be. Schools and universities are still open this time which is also a concern.

The upshot of it is I am back working from home for 4 days out of 5 which has meant a new level of adaption. I adapted to the last lockdown, then I adapted to going back to work, now I have to adapt to a sort of half and half situation which is confusing my brain slightly!

So, I have done what I always do in this sort of situation, I have made a plan.

Well, a list, with some goals on, to try and keep me focused and remembering that the world exists. This way I will keep progressing towards the things I want to achieve and not just spend each day bouncing around and eating chocolate. Not that there is anything wrong with eating chocolate, I just can’t do it all day, I would get bored and go bankrupt!

This is the list, it has goals separated into different topics and everything, it also has my attempts to be motivational to myself. I am not good at motivational, although “you have good coffee everywhere” is one of my better ones!

So far it is going ok… It has allowed me to tap into my real motivational technique too…the filling in of little boxes!

Apparently I need to get better at drinking water… I will work on it 😀

If nothing else, the cardio lunchtimes and the shed gym visits are going well , along with the yoga (until today) I have pictures to prove it…

So, as I have just realised I haven’t done any yet today, I am off to do some yoga, then fill in more little boxes!!

2 thoughts on “Lockdown 2.0: Smaller and more confusing…

  1. Traffic on the roads says that not as many people around here are staying home either. The interesting thing is that there don’t seem to be any visitors–there aren’t supposed to be–and there isn’t much business around here. The pub and cafes are closed. So who’s going where and what are they finding to do there? During the last lockdown, we more or less got in the habit of walking the dogs down the middle of the road and were offended when a car interfered now and then

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    1. Exactly! Nowhere is open, so where is everyone going!
      It was so silent here during the last lockdown that a red kite landed in our driveway (the bird, not an actual kite) I can’t believe all these people are driving to school…unless they have lowered the driving age to 6 without telling anyone


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