Emergency security council meeting

Long awaited news from the Holt!

The Otter Chronicles

Morning Chaps,

I thought it was high time I finished telling you about that infernal security meeting, then we can get on to the much more interesting business of what was going on in the “perfectly normal” QUATT lab.

The whole situation was most intriguing, I can tell you, but I had to get that damned meeting out of the way first. Especially as I had commandeered the security fellows as an escort!

The first thing I noticed when I entered the meeting pool was that the snack containers were nearly empty, they seemed to contain a few half nibbled fish tails and a couple of what looked like herring bones. This is not to be tolerated, not tolerated at all! It was quite evident that the meeting had been underway for some time and they had undoubtedly sourced sub standard snacks from some organisation other than the wonderful Holt…

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By Sam Catchpole

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