Janathon 2021 Day 2: Yoga is hard!

I have a sneaky suspicion that I said the same thing a year ago today! I might even have said it 2 and 3 years ago today.

It is now a tradition that I (attempt to) complete the 30 day yoga challenge that Adriene Mischler of Yoga with Adriene leads in January. It is different every year and I have signed up now for about 4 years running. It is always on the first day that I realise that Yoga is hard, I am not flexible and that I really need to do more of the hard yoga throughout the year. I do some easy yoga, but left to my own devices in other parts of the year I chose the easier practices rather than the ones that push me. THis is ok sometimes, but I really do benefit from the harder ones so, this year as every year, I am going to do my best to do what I am told in these videos and I am sure I will see some benefit… it must work, because this year at least I can almost sit sort of cross legged for most of the time I am supposed to!

This year’s 30 day programme is caled Breath. It is available on You tube an did amazingly completely free!

Day one was today, and it was 48 minutes long which is by far the longest yoga practice I have done in a long time! It focused on breathing (which may be obvious from the title) and moving slowly, focussing on foundations and matching movement to breath. It was good, I did find it hard but that is ok, I will improve!

Molly cat wanted to join in too, but she settled for observing from the sofa, when I say observing, I might mean snoozing đŸ™‚

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