Janathon 2020 Day 5: bench press, yoga and cats!

Today is more or less as simple as it says in the title!

None of my exercise happened in the morning today, I decided that sleep was important! There was a bit of an amble around at lunchtime, but the main exercise events took place after work.

First we made our way down to the shed gym and set about doing some bench presses. It was quite successful considering that December wasn’t as dedicated as it could have been. 5 x 5 bench press at 45 kg, not the heaviest I have done but a pretty solid effort! Apparently consistent solid efforts are what build strength 😁

We took advantage of our lovely new cable attachment too for Tricep push downs 🙂

The second exercise followed very closely in the heels of the first and took the form of Yoga Breath day 4. I liked today’s yoga and I seem to be making progress in the sitting cross legged department. I know, other people find sitting cross legged easy, but recently it is not as comfortable as primary school assemblies have you believe!

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