Janathon 2021 day 12: progress is progress!

This time last year (almost to the day) I got an overhead press PB of 31kg. I was so pleased because my overhead has always been my weakest lift. I had ignored shoulders for years and ended up with a bit of an injury so this was me starting out on my journey to get stronger overhead!

Today, I did push presses in the gym and one of my warm up sets was 32.5kg! I then did 5×5 at 40kg. This is not a PB but it is the most comfortable and consistent 40kg has felt!

I know that in the strongperson world these numbers are not huge, but for me they represent huge progress! What’s more I really like training overhead stuff now…and that is definitely progress!!

Apparently I forgot how to take a selfie in a year…

As soon as I had finished pushing things over my head…I got on and did some yoga…

Day 11 ywa Breath to be exact. It was a flow practice which is not my favourite but I did it 🙂

Last but not least, and chronologically first in the day, I went for a walk at lunchtime 😁

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