Janathon 2021 day 13-16: a migraine…

After Tuesday’s progress, I only managed to walk on Wednesday followed by nothing on Thursday or Friday… this was due to what turned out to be my first migraine in over a year! It took me until Wednesday lunchtime to give in but then I slept for quite a lot of hours!

The good news is I seem to have recovered and today managed to get out for a walk and get myself down to the shed for some deadlifts!! Not just any deadlifts either, trap bar deadlifts, which utilised the newest addition to the shed gym equipment arsenal… a trap bar… ok that was obvious given the name of the deadlifts, but still. My point is, yay trap bar! A new and harder way of doing deadlifts. Well new to the home gym set up anyway…

Luckily I managed to figure out how to lift this bar… it should be obvious but it isn’t, the geometry of the bar is quite different to the trap bar at the gym and I had to figure out how to lift it without hitting myself in the bum!

Once I had all that figured out… I managed 3×5 at 100kg which all in all I am pleased with! 😁

Yoga seems to have fallen by the wayside these past few days, but I will resume that shortly 🙂

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