I have been hit by the mop of demotivation

I have actually googled mop of demotivation, and it is, apparently, not a real thing, but I was considering what implement someone would use to spread demotivation and it would definitely be a mop.

A slightly musty damp mop that has been sitting in a not quite empty mop bucked for a few weeks.

So, despite what the internet thinks, it is a thing and it hit me in January.

(royalty free photo from wordpress, I might have added the words…)

If you have been around here a while, you will know I am not really a believer in waiting for motivation or inspiration, I am more of a get up and do stuff anyway, however sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes things knock you down or back or in some other direction you didn’t want to go, and it take you a little while to regroup and recoup the energy losses and suchlike.

This is the first time in a very long time that I had a rude reminder that mental stress and stressful situations, have a very real physical effect. To give you an idea, I have an app that tracks energy levels and it has looked like this a lot…

(Just in case you were wondering, these are not all late at night either… a couple of them are while I am supposed to be asleep of just before I get up in the morning)

As an even better indicator of why I have needed to just take some time and rest…this was one of my daily goals in my bullet journal…

Luckily for all concerned, I met my goals.

Another indicator of how odd things have been, is that this is the third attempt I have made to write this blog post. Under normal circumstances I have no trouble splurging words into posts to tell you all about my latest thoughts and feelings, now seems to be different.

This doesn’t mean I am giving up, I am determined to get back in to it, I have been through periods of demotivation before and I have got through them, this will be no different. I am taking steps to resolve the things that are causing me the energy sapping stress, but these things take time! Under ordinary circumstances I would make some sort of grand gesture at this point, some sort of gym every day type thing and I’d give it a name…

Now is no different! I will defeat the mop of demotivation with a grand(ish) gesture! I am not going to pledge to go to the gym every day, not even the shed gym, because the energy sapping life events are unavoidable so, for once I am being realistic. I am going to add more movement back in to my day, it could be walking, it could be yoga, or cardio or lifting heavy things. I will do at least 30 mins of something every day. This was the rule way back when this all started, and it worked then, it made me more active and happier with moving. Now I am going right back to basics. I know I like moving, I know I feel better when I do, I just need to de-mop myself and get on with it!

So I name this task Project Energise, I am 45 in 52 days, I thought of calling it Project 52 to represent the number of days, I thought of calling it Project 45 because I want to be back to full energy and movement before I am 45. But really the number of days and the age I will be are irrelevant, this is a project dedicated to getting myself back up and moving, and to beat the mop of demotivation. It is entirely dedicated to re energising myself. So Project Energise it is.

Project Energise, rules:
– 30 mins of movement every day for the next 52 days (or more, probably more but having an end date is a good thing)
– Movement can be gym stuff, cardio, walking, or yoga, or anything as long as it is genuine intentional movement.
– 30 mins can be split up throughout the day, if it is one of those unavoidably hectic days

Project Energise is go…Day 1 today!

(I’ll get back to you later with what I actually manage to do πŸ™‚ )

10 thoughts on “I have been hit by the mop of demotivation

  1. What do you mean the Mop of Demotivation isn’t a real thing? Since when did real depend on Google or the internet? I’m telling you, it’s real. And it’s out there, waiting to swish its moldy fibers across our unsuspecting faces any chance it gets.

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