Project Energise: Day 1 a start is a start!

Day 1 is complete πŸ˜€

It was a fairly gentle start, but it was a solid start. It involved walking and yoga and attempting to stand on my shoulders with my head through a stool.

That last one is as silly as it sounds…it is also a lot more difficult than I anticipated, so I will come to that later.

First the walking. It was lunchtime and it was sunny so I headed out to the downs link. It’s not original as a destination but it is the only place I can get to during lunchtime and one of the local places I am allowed to visit during lockdown.

It was sunny and pleasant and a very welcome to be outside walking around πŸ™‚

The second instalment of exercise was yoga. I bought a new fun (allegedly) toy. It seemed like such a good idea, I thought I’d be able to stick my head through the hole and be upside down in no time at all.

I managed to stick my head through the hole…I stood on my tiptoes and waved one leg in the air at a time. There was nothing approaching a headstand! But I guess it takes time and practice!

I followed all that with some aighy more successful yoga, from the ever brilliant Yoga with Adriene

Apparently doing yoga with your crazy hair in a pineapple, makes it even more crazy. Especially if you spend time with your head through a stool!

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