Project Energise: Day 3 – 5 Hello log press, my old friend…

Hello log press my old friend
I’ve come to lift you up again
Because a competition is looming
once the lockdown is ending
and the strength that I gained during last year
still remains
within my body somewhere.

Sorry about that, Now I feel like I have to aplogise to all Simon and Garfunkle fans everywhere for that terrible rewrite…
It’s ok though, noone is going to sing it, ever!!


Moving swiftly along to some exercise talk! Obviously I did log press, and I enjoyed it enough to wreck a brilliant song with it!
I also did two other forms of exercise, well once other form of exercise, but more than once. What I mean to say is over the last three days I have done yoga twice and a PT session (via zoom) once which involved log pressing and other lifting of moderately heavy weights!

First the yoga, I have been branching out this week and doing longer yoga sessions, longer than my 5 – 10 min sessions of lockdown one, and it has been good. Yoga really does make me feel better and this week it has been the perfect way to get me back to moving intentionally. I need to rebuild the habit I had and doing yoga, even if I wanted to sit down and do nothing was a brilliant first step!

To be hones, although this week I have used it as a stepping stone to get me back in to moving, it is (as I always say when I actually do it) a thing that I really need to do more of in general. It helps with all the things I need to improve, like balance and flexibility and stretchiness, as well as the more yoga-y goals such as creating space and connecting mind and breath and such like. These last ones are harder for me, but do really help with everything, not just exercise!

And then there was log press…

Lots of log press, well 6 x 5 sets of log press which is a lot when you haven’t done it since december! I noticed during this session that I have lost a lot of fitness but not as much strength as I thought. This is good. and fitness can be regained by moving around some more and faster… so that is what I will do 😀

The other thing I have realised during this pandemic, is that having PT via zoom is very strange, but also very doable! Once you get over the fact that you are interacting with a person who seems to be living in your phone or ipad it is ok. It was slightly odd at first knowing that this person could see you on a video screen, but then you remember that if they were there in real life they would also be able to see you. As I said, it’s odd, but perfectly doable once you adjust 😀

So this takes us to the end of the first 5 days of Project Energise, all in all not a bad start 😀

2 thoughts on “Project Energise: Day 3 – 5 Hello log press, my old friend…

  1. Unfortunately, I did indeed sing the song, with your lyrics… before I read the rest of your post. I hope that the combination of my awful singing and your ‘extra’ special words don’t have the same effect as saying the phrase “Bloody Mary” 3 times in front of a mirror. Hopefully nothing awry will happen – I haven’t got my extra-dribbly-candles ready.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eeek I hadn’t considered the occult possibilities of my terribly song re-writes!
      It might conjure random strongwoman equipment if you are lucky (or unlucky… )

      I confess I did sing it too and it was definitely terrible!


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