Project Energise: Day 6 a sandbag

I have a new toy to aid with my strongwoman training.

it is a sandbag… with sand in

It is a Mirafit 50 – 75kg sandbag which is the smallest one they do… It only has 40kg of sand in it, which makes it too floppy to handle easily.

The plan was to use this as a substitute atlas stone, and it will definitely work, but it is going to take a little practice to use it properly. It is, as I mentioned, too floppy and quite slippy just to add extra challenges into the mix. I managed to carry it around and sort of lift it to my knees atlas stone style, but then dropped it every time. However, it was still a good work out just doing that a few times. That on top of dragging it up the garden and using it as a strange duck walk trainer for a while.

The cats did not seem impressed with all of this activity. It didn’t look like much on paper, but believe me it felt like hard work! It takes a lot to impress a cat though 😀

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