Project Energise: Day 10 Lots of squats!

Day 10 of Project Energise, I finally made it back to the shed gym, on my own to restart my slightly forsaken strongperson training programme!

I restarted the Stoltman programme that I started this time last year, because it is simple (but not easy!) and it really works!

So I headed down to the (still blooming freezing) shed gym and di lots and lots of squats! They were harder than last time I did them, but I still managed 5 x 5 at 70kg which is not far of my 5 x 5 weight from last year. It felt hard, but not impossible and I don’t seem to have lost as much strength as I thought. I need to increase my endurance and cardio fitness again, but I knew that (hence the running).

It was good to be back 🙂 I am slowly getting there!

I threw in some yoga too yesterday because it really helps break up a day of working from home!

I wasn’t in the street! I was in the house, but it was still a good practice 🙂

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