Project Energise: Day 11 – 13 getting back to the shed gym

So, I seem to finally be managing to find the motivation / will power to get back to the big heavy lifting workouts that have been conspicuously absent from recent weeks! Of course I enjoyed them once I got going, I knew I would I just needed to find the impetus to start.

Which means that project energise is doing it’s job!

It also means today is being served with a side of DOMS which i haven’t had in a while. Strangely I like it though, it is a sign that I have finally been using my muscles again 🙂

I did a bench/upper body session and a deadlift session and, although I am definitely weaker than I was, I am not lost quite as much strength as I thought I would! I do get frustrated because if I had kept on training instead of stopping and sitting down for a month, I would be much stronger. However there is nothing I can actually do about that now. The only think I can do now is get back to is and keep moving forwards 🙂

Not only did I venture down to the shed gym this sunny weekend, I also managed to get myself out for some walks. One of which was a foray into horsham to visit the park. Seemingly this is a place where no one else actually believes in social distancing any more which worried me slightly, but I did manage to scope out an area for an upcoming outdoor exercise session 🙂 I also avoided (and scowled at) all the people!

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