Project Energise: Days 14 & 15 Focus on the legs

Well, legs and cardio, but the cardio also involved legs. It was a run, running (for me at least) involves my legs.

I’ll start with the run, mainly because it happened first. Although this is not always the case, I do tend to stray from the chronological these days.

And the point, I seem to be straying from the point.

So running. It wasn’t great to be honest, it didn’t really feel any better than last weeks run, but I suppose that is not too unexpected. After all it was only the second run I have done since sometime last summer! On the plus side, I got out there and I did it, and I went a teeny bit further than I did last week. Only about 100m but still!

I can’t actually decide if I like running at the moment, I definitely feel better for doing it, and I do like the fact that I know it is making me fitter…even if it is making me fitter very slowly!

the other leg training was, well, leg training. It was leg day in the shed gym and so I did squats! Lots and lots of squats (again). I did 5 x 5 barbell back squats, followed by 3 x 8 paused squats. I managed to go heavier than last time, so I am getting back to where I was before my break which is awesome. But the main thing I am proud of from this work out is all of my paused squats and the lighter warm ups for the back squats were full depth squats. BY heavy ones were not half measures either. I seem to to be squatting lower now than I have been able to for a long time which is real progress for me!

Before anyone tells me I shouldn’t go heavy if I can’t do full depth, I have locked ankles from breaking them both over the last few years. I am working on it but it means I sometimes fall over if I squat to full depth so it is ok to only go most of the way down sometimes and it is still at least to parallel!

Cats came to visit me in the gym which was nice 😀

Talking of cats, and working towards fixing my locked up ankles and other bits which suffer due to my desk job, I have bought a book!

Now I can learn what I need to do to become a supple leopard! I am hoping there is info in there about growing a great bit brilliant tail as well as working on mobility and the like!

I will keep you posted!

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