Project Energise: Days 22 to 27 still (hard) going

This week has been hard work. I have been moving but not as intensely as I was in the previous week. Not as intensely as I would like really, because I know the more I do the better I feel. This much I have proven to myself over and over, and, with exercise at least I know it is genuine. It is not a guild/should type relationship I do love it and I do feel better when I do it. Food, now that’s a different story, one I am tackling and one I will explain more about in another post.

Anyway back to this week’s moving around. I have walked, I have yogaed I have done little kettlebell workouts here and there but I have also had to rest. There has been a lot going on even on top of the strangeness that is a year in and out of lockdown and pandemic uncertainty, and sometimes rest is necessary.

I used to think that resting was cheating and only for the weak, but that is just not true.

Rest is important for body and mind!

I didn’t rest all week though, so here is is, the infamous (and obviously awesome) round up of the week in pictures 😀

The other thing (one other thing) that happened this week, is that I decided to get on top of my hydration.


I do seem to decide this every couple of months, but it is important and I have to keep trying! This time I decided that the way forward was a massive water bottle that holds 2.2l of water. That way I can fill it up in the morning, keep it on my desk and drink from it throughout the day.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

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