Getting to the bottom of things

Getting to the bottom of things at the Holt (well nearer the bottom)

The Otter Chronicles

Hello there, I have just returned to my office, and things are going to get very interesting around here shortly, I can tell you!

After that dratted meeting, I hurried as fast as my paws could carry me back to the QUATT, I only stopped twice along the way, once to write the account and once to pick up some of the fantastic sardine nibbles that the catering department has been making recently! I arrived in the Temporal Experimentation Department and proffered the tray of snacks in front of me as a sort of shield-come-peace offering in an attempt to make a very fierce looking Debbie Shorttail let me through the door.

Now I think about it, I could have tried ordering her to let me in, I am in charge around here, but she was looking extremely cross and I didn’t want biting! The peace offering route was definitely…

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By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,

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