Who do I want to be next?

New job

New adventures

New start

New opportunities

Who do I want to be when I face all these new and exiting things?

I know, fundamentally, deep down I can’t change who I am, and I don’t really want to, but it is a good opportunity to build new habits or change routines…

Today is day 1 of being a commuter, so far my new habits have run to prepping my breakfast in advance… not for health or diet reasons, just because I don’t want to be faffing around too much in the morning.it is going to be a big enough adaptation as it is!

Sausage, bacon and potato egg muffing thingies.

On my first day I didn’t need to be at work until 1030…but I thought I’d attempt the journey at normal times to see what the parking/train etc was like…

The thing I forgot was that nothing is like normal at the moment so everything was a lot quieter than I expected. I don’t mind that tbh. Public transport is better without too many of the public 😀

I have been at this commuting thing a week now and it isn’t always *that* quiet… but it is hardly busy.

What’s more, I seem to be leaving home later and getting to work earlier… I suspect this is some form of magic! Or possibly increased organisation. It will be even better once I increase the organisation enough to get a season ticket…

So, I am a breakfast prepping commuter now… but I am still me. And me being me, I have a plan! A getting back to the gym and continuing the superhero training plan…of course!!

One day I’ll get my superpowers!!

As the work / job change / etc stress has had me out of the game for a few weeks, and as I have a new routine to get used to, I needed a plan! A plan to build new gym habits, or possibly rebuild old ones!

So, the plan!

It’s not a fully formed plan just yet, but it has a first step! The first step is to sign up to a trail of group personal training sessions at Matt the trainer’s new gym!

Matt’s new gym!

There are various sessions, and I went to my first one yesterday, of course I chose strength for my first one but it is strength in a way that I don’t normally do it. Slightly higher reps and less rest so it really counts as cardio as well as strength 😉

It was really good 😀 partly because Training is my thing and partly because it was brilliant to get out and move about and actually take steps to get back to moving and getting stronger! This type of training will fit perfectly with my own strength training and feed in to strongwoman events training perfectly!

Of course I have training with Matt too 😀 and these two thing I will keep moving.

The next step is to get back to the shed gym and back to the serious heavy lifting!

So, that is who I am now… basically me, but with trains 😀

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