Its always better when you have a plan!

To quote my good friend Lizzie, it’s always better when you have a plan.

Admittedly the plan were were talking about at that point was to buy the Royal Yacht Britannia when it was decommissioned and use it as a venue to celebrate the millennium.

Of course this plan didn’t actually work out, but that is not the point at all!

you should know by now, I can find a Terry Pratchett quote for anything (well along with a Buffy or Doctor Who quote that is)

This plan, of course, has nothing to do with the royal yacht or millions of feegles, instead it is a keep Sam moving and training plan. I told you in the last post that I was making one and that it had a phase one (group PT) well now it has a phase 2 and sort of phase 3 too so it is time for the grand(ish) unveiling.

First of all, its June, which can only mean one thing…Juneathon!

So, of course, I will be exercising and blogging every day, or if I remain true to form, exercising every day and blogging with catch up posts every few days… its the thought that counts though. And the exercise, the exercise also counts especially if it is part of a get Sam back to training plan!

I feel like this plan needs a better title, or possibly some sort of project name… I’ll have a think! If you come up with anything good, do let me know 🙂

So back to the plan…

You know about the group PT, that part of the plan is ticking along quite nicely now and I see no reason at all why it shouldn’t carry on 🙂

The next phase is Savate. A few posts ago I pledged to anyone who was listening (or reading) that as soon as I could I would return to Savate. In case you didn’t read that one, Savate is french kickboxing and I used to do it years ago! I loved it and have always wanted to go back but several things got in the way, most notably dancing and distance from clubs…

Now, however, as I may have mentioned, I am working up in London. The thing I may not have mentioned is that there is a Savate club in London (London Savate) which is run by an excellent teacher who I I used to know but may not remember me!

So that’s the problem of geography sorted…

The dancing problem has removed itself from the equation, and even if it hadn’t, the London Savate class is on a Thursday 🙂

The last problem was lockdown, but now clubs are allowed to restart with their first class being on Thursday this week. So I have booked in!

That’s right first Savate class in a lot of years which will be awesome and moderately terrifying. I love it but will be so rusty! Still as I remembered recently, the best way to get fitter and better at things is by doing the things, so that is the plan!

The last phase of the plan is to get myself back to the shed gym and to lift more heavy stuff… there is no trick to that one, I just need to go do it 😀

Of course no juneathon post would be complete with today’s exercise… so far it has been walking 🙂 in that London!

Just for good measure here are a few pics from last weeks Pt and group PT 😀

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