West Sussex Strongest: Performance anxiety…

1 day to go! Action stations the competition is tomorrow…this is not a drill! Repeat this is not a drill!!

I am still considering it 1 day…

I am slightly panicking, of course. Panicking and trying to figure out the best thing to do today to fully prepare myself!

Ok, I am not really panicking, not really, but I am somewhat apprehensive and flitting between thinking it will all be ok, and thinking I am going to look ridiculous for even entering…

Logically I know I am not going to look ridiculous… probably, but logic doesn’t really enter in to this as we know!

I thought it would be good to take a look at what I am going to be dealing with:

Saturday Events:
  • Event 1: Truck Pull 10.5 tonnes, 20m, 60s time limit
  • Event 2: Stone to Shoulder 40kg, for reps 60s time limit
  • Event 3: Arm over Arm Pull 4 tonnes, 15m, 75s time limit
  • Event 4: Duck Walk 80kg, 40m, 75s time limit
  • Event 5: Front Hold 10kg, max time
Sunday Events:
  • Event 1: Log Lift 40kg for reps 60s time limit
  • Event 2: Yoke 120kg & Farmers Carry 45kg (per hand) 75s time limit
  • Event 3: Frame Hold 90kg, max time
  • Event 4: Load Medley – Duck walk, 30kg keg, 40kg keg, atlas stone. Keg and stone over 4ft yoke. 75s time limit
  • Event 5: Tyre Axle Deadlift, Starting weight 60kg increase 20kg per lift, elimination event, last athlete standing. 60s time limit per lift.

Some of these things I know I can do, in fact most of these things I know I can do. Whether I can do them in competition conditions or within time limits is a different matter altogether, but at least I can say I have practiced as many movements as I can!

Time limits are a problem, I am, after all, a champion procrastinator. I stand about before lifts and between lifts and the like for ages. I am just going to have to not do that as best as I can!

I cannot, in all honesty say I am as prepared as I could be for this, but as I have said before there was a tiny part of me that wasn’t really convinced that it would happen. I can honestly say, however, that I am more prepared than I was for my half marathon and I got through that. This even has a massive advantage over the half marathon too, this event involves things that I actually enjoy doing!

So, my main aim today is to attempt to remind myself that it is for fun, I enjoy doing the things and that noone is going to laugh at me and that at the end of the day, just competing is a huge achievement for me.

So I have set my goal and I will do my level best to achieve it!

GOAL: try to do everything as well as I can, don’t die!

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