What next?

Well, after the excitement of the West Sussex Strongest, which was a month ago I had to decide what I want to do next. Yes it was a month ago, it took me that long to write it up because I seem to have developed a much busier life at the moment complete with a brand new commute which is taking some adapting to. However I am not going to let this stop me, I just need to develop a new way of working around the new timings.

Yes, I know I’ve had the job since May, but the world hasn’t really been that normal so adaptation is taking longer…

  • The first and most important thing I learned the competition was that I loved it and I want to do more. However I do have a list of things I want to work on before I enter another one.

I know I know, it is better to have a date to work towards etc etc but I know me and I know there are some things I want to level up before I decide exactly when I am going to compete next. One of the main reasons for this, is that a lot of novice competitions only let you join as a novice if you have done less than 3 (normally) other novice comps. So I have done one and I don’t want to waste them as moving up a level to the intermediate would take a LOT of work!

First of all I need to refocus and restart my training plan so that I can continue to get not only stronger but also generally fitter.
This means I need to work on movement in general and movement of all types as well as strength. Obviously strength is my focus but is important from a strongwoman perspective, and from a personal perspective, that I regain my cardio fitness and some flexibility (lots of which I have lost).

So, of course I have a plan, if you’ve been here long you’ll know I always have a plan, even if I change the plan I always work better with a plan!

So in true OG 365 warrior goddess style, I am going back to what worked in the very beginning (Day 1 – where it all began)

Way back then at the start of it all this is what I challenged myself to do:

My challenge is, to do some form of exercise every day for the next 365 days. I will do at least half an hour of something exersisey…it could be dancing, it could be circuit training, but it also could be a half hour walk (as long as it is an actual walk…doing the shopping will not count.)

Sam Catchpole June 2013

So it worked then and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work now (by work, I mean motivated me). 30 mins per day of any type of exercise. It all counts (ok, doing the shopping still doesn’t count…but walking to and from work does).

My focus this time will be different, my main aim is not to be able to dance in (or out of) a mask, I am not focussing this time on a complete lifestyle change. I will, of course, this time be focussed on working towards my strongwoman goals, but as I have already mentioned, this is not purely about building strength. Above all, however, I want to get back to adding more movement into my days, more of any type of movement! I plan to add yoga, and cardio as well as lifting, and generally just get going again.

There is not much more too it than that. This is not a weight loss / body aesthetic change challenge, I am still working hard to free my brain from diet culture etc, I am not always succeeding but it I am making progress. This is a challenge to move more because I feel better when I move.

It needs a name, of course… it is still part of the perpetual Project Warrior Goddess, but this 365 needs a name. Is Project Competition Ready a little presumptuous?
No I don’t think it is, and that, after all is my aim. To be fit enough to enter some more strongperson competitions and be happy with my performance!

So there it is, Project Competition Ready:

Day 1 16th October 2021

Yes I know that was two days ago, but it seemed like a good day to start as it was my half birthday.

Yes half birthdays are a thing!


Day 1 and 2 was a combination, of personal training and yoga… with a bit of walking about and some bonus meeting of new people and lifting things above my head!

As always I am going to do my very best to update this blog every day to let you all know how I am getting on…
I know that I haven’t been managing that lately, but I think I should be able to utilise my commute for this endeavour 😀

So in the immortal words of Mr Shaun T…

Leeeeetttttsssssssssssssss Gooooooooooo!

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