Project Competition Ready: Day 6

Yesterday was personal training Thursday! It turned out to be a cardio and conditioning training session. This it a thing that, much as I know I need to do it to meet my goal, in probably wouldn’t do voluntarily. Well not yet anyway, not while I am just getting back into things. Give me a month or so and I probably will 😀

However, as I have said on many an occasion, this is exactly why I have a personal trainer… to make me do the things I know I need to to but may avoid… like sets of more than 5 and, in the case, cardio and stuff 😁

See my “argh cardio” face!

There were kettlebell swings, sled punches, med ball slams, and to top it all off… the ski-erg.

What’s a ski erg I hear you cry… well it’s like a sort of upright rower with a big fan thingy and handles on strings that you pull down a bit like you are skiing. It is hard!!

At this point to distract from the ski erg madness, I’d like to draw your attention to just how well I was coördinated with the weights on the sled 😀

It was nice to get the energetic part of the day out of the way early, and it was convenient as I had a lot of meetings which necessitated a large amount of sitting!

I still got up as often as possible and did manage to scoot out for a little walk during a break 😀

Day 6 done 😀

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