Project Competition Ready: Day 13 &14

Day 13, Thursday, was the day that I was abruptly reintroduced to battle ropes after not touching them for quite a few years!
Well. I might have touched one, but not to do battle ropey things…

But at 0745 on Thursday Matt, during my PT session decided to take me at my word when I said I needed to do some more conditioning, so an active warm up was followed by some battleropes, then some more battleropes…

Honestly I quite liked it! I really did mean it when I said I wanted to improve conditioning and general fitness as well as just strength!

Day 14, Friday, was a yoga day 🙂 I chose a wind down yoga as it seemed like the thing to do at the end of a working week. Especially a week, which for no real reason has felt like a but of a slog!

Some weeks are just like that I think!
It was a good yoga session, but it did (like they nearly all do) make me realise that lifting heavy weights up and down does not really make one flexible. Not unless you work on it that is. So of course, I decided to do more yoga. Not there and then, but I absolutely intend to fit more if it in. I am sure that even on a London working day I really should be able to squeeze a bit of yoga in 🙂 it will definitely do me good!

But with that, day 13 & 14 are done!

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